Smoked Garage

The Anvil

If this bike were a person, it would rob banks. Drink whiskey straight from the bottle.
And steal your woman. It’s a thug.
A gangster. It’s a pure bad ass street tracker. No apologies.

Tech – Specs

200 cc engine
Custom cut and rebuilt rear frame
Nissin dual front and single read disc brake system
Handmade quality steel metal fenders, panels, headlight housing and fuel tank
Custom saddle
Custom paint color
SINKO-120/80 x 18 tires
Koso digital/analogue speedometer
Bison front shock system
1st quality YSS rear shocks
Custom exhaust
Hand-turned brass and aluminum bushings and caps

“I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.



$9,500 RIDE – AWAY


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