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Lucky #13 – Sol Invictus Mercury Cafe Racer

The Number 13 – lucky for some, others… not so much. You’ll certainly feel like the lucky when you’re strapping up & down urban streets cruising from cafe to cafe on this little racer. Built using the reliable and stylish Mercury by Sol Invictus, we’ve stripped her down and made her even lighter and easier to throw round bends.

Features / Modifications

250cc single 4 valve
5 speed
Kickstart & Electric
17″ Spoked wheels
Whitewall Shinko tyres
Bare metal tank, clearcoated
Clip on bars
Modified exhaust, heatwrapped
Aftermarket speedo
LED lighting – indicators, STOP light
Side-mounted numberplate
Custom hand made seat
Custom fenders
Custom made battery/electrics box

Sold with a solid 2 year warranty on all moving parts (excluding consumables)

“…you‘ve gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”


FOR SALE – $6,500 Ride-Away

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