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Custom Royal Enfield 350 Classic Smoked Garage

Very few brands are as steeped in history as Royal Enfield – one of the oldest names in the world of motorcycling. Their classic and distinctive styling hasn’t changed much over the years, and thankfully so. Their brand new models are quite often mistaken for being restorations of bikes decades old. Why change it if it ain’t broke? The Royal Enfield is the epitome of classic styling.

Which brings us to this: Our Royal Enfield 350cc Board Tracker.

Custom Royal Enfield 350 Classic Smoked Garage
Custom Royal Enfield 350 Classic Smoked Garage

Stripped back and lean – classic and timeless. A throwback to the years gone by. This retro modern is all class. Powered by a carbureted 350cc air cooled single, you won’t be out breaking any speed records on her, but you’ll certainly have a lot of fun getting to where you’re going. We stripped her down to reduce weight removing the side covers and cases and the airbox, and swapped out the stock exhaust for a custom pipe to really open her up and give her a super sweet tone.

If you’re looking for a classic styled bike that turns heads, without sacrificing reliability and performance, this is the bike for you.


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